About Us

We are RPM Canada - enabling businesses to completely outsource the management of their corporate space and facilities projects. Next to personnel, corporate space is likely your biggest cost which warrants meticulous management.  Moves, expansions, right sizing or even just a facelift can cause a huge distraction to your business.

With over 30 years of experience, RPM will manage the process so your personnel can concentrate on their work while relying on us to be your single point of contact for any or all disciplines.

RPM's flexibility extends to so much more than just project management (our core competency), storage, refurbishment, reconfiguration, move-add-changes - we're there for you.  In fact, once you work with us you'll treat us as part of your team!


John A. Taylor, Principal, brings a breadth of knowledge spanning 30 plus years of association with the office furniture and commercial office industry from small office start-ups and reconfigurations to large scale end to end build-outs servicing major clients including Brinks, Valeant International and Ryder Canada. 

John explains what makes his unique approach so successful:

"Along with my long standing expertise, I bring enthusiasm and passion to everything I do. Many of my repeat clients accept me as a business partner - helping them as they grow, consolidate or right size and many times to sort out unusual or unexpected situations. My mission is simple - solutions are out there and I will find them. 

When approaching a project, I take the time to ensure I understand what the client's compelling event is, that is - what has created the need for our services.  I take the time to fully understand how this change will impact both their long-term strategy as well as their business as usual. Why?  I want to ensure that when we begin work with them, we fully understand and mitigate the disruption to the day to day business.  With the knowledge I have accumulated over the years, I can foresee issues that our client may not have anticipated and offer customized solutions - before the problem occurs.

The other thing I love about this business is that we get daily interaction with both our client's project team and the entire staff.  We understand how important it is to communicate the entire process clearly and regularly to everyone and to ensure we pack a big box of energy and smiles on moving days."

Of course, backing up John's vision and knowledge, is the RPM Canada team and associates - all equally enthusiastic and ready to work with your team.

So, how can we help you?  Contact us at 905-606-2121 or at info@rpmcanada.com.