Asset Disposition

New furniture?  Merger and acquisitions?  Re-configuration?  All these things can leave you with excess furniture parts and we're the specialists in assisting you in the next steps of storage or disposition.

Just as purchasing used furniture can offer a host of challenges (that we can help you with), disposition of modular office furniture in preparation for sale, refurbishment or reinstallation can be fraught with challenges. Pre-owned, Previously Enjoyed, Used, Refurbished, Remanufactured, As-is - how do you market it?  What are you selling?  

RPM Canada provides a single point of contact for the entire process and ensures you achieve cost effectiveness in the selling of your furniture assets along with procurement or modification to your new or existing configuration.

Considerations for Developing An Asset Disposition Process

  • Full dismantle to manufacturer condition, staging/organization for product removal with one separate workplace for each product line to remain installed in a designated area for viewing by prospect purchasers
  • Detailed Data Collection to inventory specific aspects of all furniture lines, manufacturer, production date, fabrics and finishes and/or unique styling for provision to prospect purchasers
  • Digital images for electronic file sharing during the Disposition Program
  • Establish and Control of on-site supervision for site visits and reviews of products with prospect purchasers
  • Create RFI (Request for Interest) for all goods targeted for disposition
  • Distribution of information to all market sectors, including but not limited to the following: End Users, Designers, Brokers, Refurbishments Groups
  • Complete a closeout for client's review of the process detailing elements for all disciplines to assist in streamlining financials on sale of all products

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