Will it all fit?  What colour should I choose?  New or Pre-Owned?  What if things change?

Procuring the fixtures and furniture for an office can be a huge undertaking! Seemingly simple decisions can leave your head spinning with a multitude of suppliers and options out there ...

RPM is independant of any manufacturer or supplier but rest assured, we are familiar with many of them. 

Our value add is acting on your behalf to secure a cost effective procurement process and help to define the equipment parameters, an implemention structure along with delivery and installation schedules of your new products. Your RPM team will work with you in the selecting the most functional new or pre-owned  furniture product that can be easily modified and reconfigured to adapt to your future needs.

Beyond furniture specification

Our project teams are well versed in current and installed products. We take into account all the elements of the furniture system and we will review your current inventories both standing and in storage.  We can develop or review any existing office lay-out documents and architectural drawings to clearly outline the steps for your office space project.

We will also provide you with a precise and detailed inventory listing for the ongoing project and when we're done, you will receive a final inventory for your on-going management and tracking.

Establish national agreements

Many of our clients have offices across Canada and internationally and we are often called upon to assist them in establishing agreements that can be transferred from one province to another as well as developing corporate standards programs that can be applied across the company.

We'll even work on your behalf to help establish preferred discount rates and improved delivery times. 
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