Move Management

Your office is relocating; maybe you are moving to a larger space or something smaller - either way, the work and planning is the same....

.... exhausting, time-consuming and full of details, details and more details! 

Well good news -- RPM Canada is here!  With end to end possibilities we offer a host of services which can be custom-tailored to support you as much or as little asyou require.  For example we offer: 

Pre-move planning      

It's got to be said ...  Communications Plans and Move Team meetings are critical and RPM Canada is available to participate or even lead these for you, offering input and guidance from our extensive experience. We will even provide minutes and follow up on action items on your behalf!

Move packages

What do I pack?  Where do I put it?  RPM Canada creates above average personalized documentation to assist in preparing for the move and to orient each employee to their new work environment. Our employee move package even  includes important information about the new building as well as details of the employee's desktop devices and workplace.

On-site coordination

Keep smiling .. it's going to be a crazy day!  An RPM Canada relocation coordinator will be on-site for the move-ins in order to help bring calm and smiles.  We will be there to help coordinate deliveries, movers, cablers, PC technicians and other groups associated with the move.   

Post move activities

It's almost over!  After the move, RPM Canada will provide each of your employees with a Post Relocation Form to advise us of any issues with their new workspaces, allowing us to react quickly and efficiently to resolve any issues. Along with addressing specific issues, these forms also enable a high level review of consistent problems allowing for across-the-board fixes.

We bet you already feel better knowing we are there to help you with it all - and these are only a ways RPM Canada can help you!

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