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My landlord wants to recommend the contractors ... and what about Life Safety?

Most tenancies have 'recommended' or in-house contractors who are allowed to perform services for the building or office space, and we are happy to work with them either fully or in-part.  However, along with the landlord or property management suggested contractors, RPM Canada's best practice is to recommend acquiring additional quotations from multiple providers.  With over 30 years of experience, RPM has built an up-to-date database of fully qualified Design and Engineering firms who would be available to offer you competitive quotes on your project ensuring you get the best provider for the best price.

'Life Safety' issues are restricted to certain groups and often we find in-house contractors will assume the business simply because of their familiarity with the building or your office space.  If you are directed to utilize a Landlord recommended company for this or other licensed related disciplines necessary to reach a permit application stage, RPM Canada can assist by administering a competitive process for these firms to ensure you are in fact, getting the best outcome.

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